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Common questions and recommendations.

Hair Color & General F.A.Q. coming soon!


COVID-19 Salon Guidelines

Appointment Day  |  

Masks that attach behind the ears will be required to enter the building. 

Distancing  |  Social distancing recommendations of 6 feet can’t be met during the “actual” service, however the following have been instituted to reduce risk. Spacing between stations will be at least 6 feet at all times. Divider shields have been installed between workstations. Guests should wear masks to the extent possible during the services and will be supplied with a clean towel to hold over their mouth and nose during shampoo or styling.


Vaping/E-Cigarette/Cigarettes Policy  |  Because of the potential for spreading germs while exhaling, we do not permit vaping or e-cigarettes inside the salon.

Disinfecting/cleanliness  |  We will clean/disinfect stations according to EPA and CDC guidelines before and after every service.  We kindly ask guests not to bring any food or drink into the salon. Just bring your beautiful self and we’ll have you feeling even more beautiful when you leave!


I will be sending out a COVID screening and consent form with your appointment reminder email. Please complete these screening questions BEFORE 7:00am the morning of your appointment. This will allow me to to review your screening and contact you in the event that we need to reschedule your appointment. Please understand this screening will be temporary, however, will also be necessary to complete before each appointment. Thank you for helping minimize the risk to our community and remain open to serve by answering the questions truthfully and to the best of your current knowledge.


It won't be like this forever. Just like Andy Beshear says every night, we will get through this. We will get through this together. Can't wait to see you. <3

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